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The ultimate travel experience

Travelling around the world is one of the most exhilarating experiences that one can ever have. It is however not a secret that the height of travel is being able to cruise through the waters of the high seas in a cruise ship that pretty much allows you to travel 5 star both in terms of the ambience in the ship and the magnificence of the view outside as well as the revitalising feeling of the sea breeze. It is no wonder that the some of wealthiest people in the world can never rest until they have their own yacht in order to have a feel of what it feels like to be out in the water. However, travelling in the seas is not just about the kind of ship or yacht you have boarded, but the feeling of fulfillment can only be truly achieved when you have first-class customer service on board and a great environment of tranquility around you to give you a peace of mind. Throughout the two decades that we have been offering cruising services to the thousands of our esteemed clients, we have always kept it a priority to give them every reason to want to travel with us again and again.

How we do it

We have two main routes through which we travel seven times each year. The first one is from the United Kingdom through the magnificent coastal lands on Northern Africa with stop-overs including Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt, then to West Africa through Cape Verde, Ghana and Cameroon then down south to the amazing and serene landscape of Cape Town in South Africa to the pristine beaches of the Kenyan coast of Mombasa and back. Our Second route is from the United Kingdom through the paradise Islands of Zanzibar and Seychelles then to India and back. Our ships are some of the most luxurious in the world and that explains why we have consistently been voted as best cruise ship service providers and won numerous awards year after year. We believe that luxury does not equal expensive and that’s why we offer the most competitive travel packages in the market even while offering unmatched quality services on board our ships.

Dedicated to a better environment

We know just how important our seaways are and we value the waters that we travel in a lot not just because they are what keep us in business, but also because our policy of environmental conservation recognises the importance of sea life and clean waters in the sustainable wellbeing of all humanity. Oil spillage is one of the leading water pollutants in the world and admittedly the big ships are largely responsible for the unprecedented levels of pollution that are characteristic of the world’s oceans and seas today. We have consequently decided to be an example to our peers and be the pacesetters in sea travel and that is why we have invested immensely in the maintenance of our ships and we carry out several trials each year before we embark on our journeys.

We also have a policy of awareness creation to all our clients and that’s why all the waste including food waste, broken glasses and everything else from our ships are carefully stored in special compartments within the ships for recycling and there are notices placed strategically on board to discourage our clients from throwing garbage/waste into the sea. We believe that travelling in luxury should be accompanied with dignity and that’s why we hold our environment in high esteem.

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Words from some of our distinguished clients

I travelled with you last year and I must admit that it was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my entire life. The cruise was just amazing and the services were truly unmatched. I could never ask for more.
By By Chloe Short

Each time I am on holiday, these are the ships I use to see the world and have a great time. I am certainly looking forward to another great cruise this year. Keep up the good work.
By Scott Smart

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